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Since our last teacher's reunion, I will remember Ms. Ford as well groomed, but somewhat moody lady. Numerous times she kept gazing into the depths of her purse and seeking for something. Every ten minutes she was giving up to some compulsion to scan her iPhone for messages, feedback etc. We learned about More about this lifeproof case iPhone product by browsing Bing. But that is not the reason why I am telling this. The point is that each and every time she had to put her hand into the bag and rummaged for her precious Apple, she greatly interrupted friendly communication between teammates surrounding her. Just look at this situation Instead of reaching for a spring roll or a can of fanta, she was rummaging for her iPhone. And putting it back to the bag. And checking it again. All this endless procedure really looked like a bizarre and time consuming habit While witnessing Ms. Ford, I was fully enjoying myself. Even if I felt some craving to check the messages on my iPhone, I didn't have to be tensed and worried that I may miss something urgent. At the same time I was enjoying myself to the fullest among my pals. My iPhone 6 Plus was placed safe on my belt, resting in the defender combo case. I could hear every vibration if I wanted to be informed. I could reach for my iPhone and grab it in one polished gesture. While Ms. Ford was occupied looking for her phone in her dark purse, I was enjoying luscious treats, ambrosial drinks and chatting with my colleagues..

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