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It may be Queen, but it is certainly not King and Ill inform you why. I am really fed up with hearing the virtues of content when all of the search-engines put more value on influences. Be taught more on this related article - Click here: advertiser. Discover new resources on the affiliated website by navigating to open site in new window. If information really were master and you had ten websites that were all for a passing fancy issue, well written and improved, how would the major search engines decide which site was most appropriate? One of those sites is going to have to be first and one of those sites is going to have to be tenth. Well, Google found a solution because of this and that is off-site impacts, specifically link reputation - sites linking to your site. Each site linking to you is really a vote for the site saying, this site is all about so and so. This off-site effect is so strong that internet sites may rank very well for conditions that do not even occur in the sites content. Mccall Kane contains new info about how to flirt with this view. If you search miserable failure on Google the website is Biography of President George Bush. If you search the content on the homepage youll discover that the term miserable failure does not even occur on the page. If content is king how do a site position #1 for a term that doesnt even occur on the page? Isnt this telling us that content really is not king and that link recognition is really the power? I have a site that I set up for my moms book all about chastity, sex and relationships. The complete book can be obtained to see on the web either on html pages or pdfs. The information is relevant and beautifully written. Is is number 1 for chastity in just about any of the various search engines? No. Why? Since it lacks link popularity. My uncle found out about linkempereor by browsing books in the library. Material is not King and probably never will soon be. It definitely helps, but it will never give the weight to you searching engines that link popularity does today..

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