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Genuine Estate Agents - the problem

For a lot of years it is been each home movers nightmare, not just the moving and the hassle of packing up home, not just the outrageous taxes, stamp duties and other moving charges. The believed of paying estate agents charges for whats frequently identified as "cash for old rope". Properly the government has now told them to clean up their act. Though this was raised in June 2004 and nevertheless nothing at all has been enforced.

The tricks genuine estate agents use

England house acquiring process wants to be undergoing some dramatics changes. Estate agents are asking buyers for up to 1000 backhanders to allow them to have the properties they want ahead of the crowd. This is a total misuse of position and yet has gone on for years. The funds lines the estate agents pocket and is never ever noticed coming off the property value or future fees.

Outrageous Costs

Even though a % is utilized as an estate agents fee, the work involved in sales doesnt reflect the payment. You could marketplace most properties for a couple of hundred pounds, but the average payment is among 3000 - 5000.


To get a fast sale, estate agents will undervalue a house, that sale requires spot with minimal operate and the fees taken are effortless funds. This is why it is recommended that a homeowner constantly requires three independent valuations just before agreeing to go with an agent.

Estate agent lies

Never ever, surely not. In 1979 and act was passed to make it legal that all particulars are to be precise and passed on to the property seller. In reality, this is rarely enforced.


A study showed that a single in 5 buyers were gazumped. This was typically due to estate agents advertising properties while below offer.

In Ireland they have moved away from the percentage technique as rates have gone out of control. The typical price to sell a residence is close to 700, which is a lot reduced than the average 1.75% that estate agents ask for in England. it support la

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