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I bought this beasuce I was interested in farming for fiber. The author helps give you an idea of what is involved.The book talks a little about food farming, but mostly about animals.I liked that the author talked about things like how much acerage might be needed, basic laws, and things like why a rain barrel is important.The author also discussed how the new housing development down the road is a problem and causes stress to the animals, and how new neighbors from the city complain about animal noise and smell (happening in my own rural town right now.)The author also discusses types and relative cost of barnes, shelters, feed, etc.If you are interested in fiber farming I recommend Shear Spirit for tales from experienced farmers which really opened my eyes to the hard labor, long hours, and cost of farming.All in all I learned that there really isn't much money to be made in farming unless you can do pretty much EVERYTHING on your own. If you want to keep chickens and grow veggies, this book can help you get started.

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