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What's Page Rank?? Simply speaking Page Rank is a 'vote', by all of those other pages online, about how exactly important a site is. A link to your page counts as a vote of support. If there is no link there's no help (but it is definitely an abstention from voting rather than a vote against the site). How is Pr Used? Page Rank is among the methods Google uses to find out a page's meaning or importance. Discover further on our affiliated encyclopedia - Click here It's just one part of the story when it involves the Google record, but Page Rank is exciting enough to deserve a paper of its and the other factors are reviewed elsewhere (and are ever changing). Be taught further on our affiliated article - Click here Jupiter SEO Experts Releases Google+ Page. If you have mounted the Google toolbar ( page ranking can also be displayed on the toolbar of your browser. However the Toolbar Page Ranking only goes from 0 - 10 and appears to be something such as a logarithmic scale Toolbar Page Rank (log base 1-0) Real Page Ranking 0 0 - 1-0 1 10-0 - 1000 2 1000 - 10,000 3 10,000 - 100,000 4 and therefore on.... We can not know the precise details of the scale because, as we'll see later, the utmost PR of most pages on the net changes every month when Google does its re-indexing If we suppose the scale is logarithmic (although there is only historical evidence with this at the time of writing) then Google could only give a toolbar PR to the best actual PR site of 10 and scale the rest correctly. Also the toolbar sometimes guesses The toolbar usually shows me a Toolbar PR for pages I've only just submitted and can not possibly be in the catalog yet What appears to be occurring is that the toolbar talks about the URL of the page the browser is displaying and strips off everything down the last '/' (i.e. it goes to the 'parent' page in URL terms). If Google has a Toolbar PR for that parent then it subtracts 1 and shows that since the Toolbar PR for this site. When there is no PR for the parent it goes to the parent's page, but subtracting 2, and so on all the way around the root of one's site. Then your club is greyed out, if it can't find a Toolbar PR to produce in this manner, that is if it does not find a page with a real determined PR. Remember that if the Toolbar is wondering this way, the Actual PR of the site is 0 - although its PR is going to be assessed shortly after the Google spider first sees it. PageRank says nothing about the content or measurement of a page, the language it is written in, or the text found in the point of a link Meanings I have began to use some shorthand and technical conditions in this report. Get more on a partner wiki by clicking Now's as good a time as any to define all of the conditions I'll use PR Shorthand for PageRank the particular, real, page rank for each page as calculated by Google. As we'll see later this may range from 0.15 to billions. Toolbar PR The PageRank exhibited in the Google toolbar in your browser. This ranges from 0 to 10. For one more way of interpreting this, consider checking out Jupiter SEO Experts Releases Google+ Page. Backlink If page A links out-to page B, then page B is thought to possess a 'backlink' from page A. Visit us

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