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If you are like most, you rely on your phone for practically everything... taking pictures, staying in touch with close friends, and keeping track of your hectic life. You most likely understand it does not take long to drain the life of your ion-powered companion leaving you disappointed and looking for a power source. And if you are like me, you've probably never ever offered it much thought to the gadget you charge your phone with..."they're all the same, right?" That's what I believed too up until I found that a lot of brand-new smartphones have the capability to charge much faster than the conventional wall chargers they are supplied with, and most are not even issued with a power adapter to charge from your car. For a few, this might not be a huge deal, but if you are like many who require a completely charged phone for daily life, then you'll greatly appreciate the outstanding charging ability of the GoPort Universal USB Car Charger. The GoPort Dual USB Car Charger is built for optimal speed and is great for charging your smartphone, tablet, GPS, camera, mp3 player, and portable gaming devices on the go. It's safe for constant, long-term use, and undergoes an extreme aging and corrosion test for durability, all backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty. Check This Out At Amazon.Com/Go Port Universal Usb Car Charger/Dp/B00 S0 C4 Hok/Usb Car Charger/ is a interesting library for further concerning where to look at it. Put simply, GoPort outlasts and exceeds the competition. This quality universal USB car charger when sold in retailers is valued at 34.95, but for a short time, grab yours now on Amazon.com at 47 OFF while supplies last Plus, FREE shipping when you buy 2 or more (a 5.95 value) so get another for a 2nd vehicle or as a present. One thing I learned is that NOT all car chargers are comparable, most of them just charge at 1A which is a slower charge speed than your phone is most likely capable of. When selecting the best dual USB car charger to keep up with life's day-to-day demands, make sure you select one with a minimum of two ports and offers a full 2.4A (at each port) so you never ever have to miss out on life's precious moments..

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