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Live coral frags may possibly occasionally get there unattached to any rock or substrate; this will present a difficulty in an aquarium with lots of water present or "curious" inhabitants. Your initially inclination might be to wedge your new coral frag between the rocks inside your tank, nonetheless you might take into consideration a different extra economical technique - super glue gel. More info Website.

Is super glue gel safe to work with in the reef tank? Certainly. Tremendous glue is sold in two popular varieties; liquid and gel. Utilizing the gel form can establish for being an exceptionally secure and effective strategy in mounting small coral frags in the aquarium. The tremendous glue gel may be applied directly to the again of the coral frag or mushroom, then hooked up into a rock that's still submerged underwater devoid of even removing the rock within the tank.

Abide by these uncomplicated techniques to mount coral frags in your reef aquarium working with tremendous glue gel:

1) Go to a community pharmacy or supermarket and get a name brand super glue in gel variety, not liquid

two) Eyeball a rock from the aquarium that you would like your new coral frag to become mounted to

three) Clear away your coral frag or mushroom from its container or tank and use a little bead of tremendous glue gel to its foundation. The glue could be applied on to the again in the organism with out harming it

4) Immediately submerge the frag with the super glue gel used to its base and press it from the rock that is certainly still underwater within the tank

five) Find a protected place about the topside on the frag that may be not fragile and push firmly with your fingertip to permit the glue over the back of the frag to bond to your rock, this should just take close to thirty seconds.

six) The frag should now be mounted into the rock. You may see some white movie surrounding the bottom with the recently mounted frag but this is often entirely standard, you are looking at the dry glue.

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