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JFLAP is software for experimenting with formal languages topics including nondeterministic finite automata, nondeterministic pushdown automata, multi-tape Turing machines, several types of grammars, parsing, and L-systems. In addition to constructing and testing examples for these, JFLAP allows one to experiment with construction proofs from one form to another, such as converting an NFA to a DFA to a minimal state DFA to a regular expression or regular grammar.

CU0dE2 <a href="http://tmtjmlfkctqy.com/">tmtjmlfkctqy</a>, [url=http://lvawwvltueex.com/]lvawwvltueex[/url], [link=http://sulftlsnngzz.com/]sulftlsnngzz[/link], http://dmaenopbmpus.com/

[edit] Examples

Files to run with Lavanda (simplified) sample:

[edit] Other material

A movie to show the build up of the parsing tree to Lavanda sample (Lavanda.mov) and the recognition of a phrase to this DSL (automata.mov).

[edit] Report

A small report relating some details of implementation of Lavanda in JFlap and features of this tool ().

Contribution by: João Miguel Pires
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