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Beth Collingz, International Marketing Director for PLC World wide situated in Manila, cause Marketing Partners for the Lancaster Make of Condotels in the Philippines, reported the companies current US Road Show was another important success getting some 8.9 Million Dollars worth of sales for Lancaster The Atrium Condo Hotel as investors look at to fix issues of property pension investing as an alternative to social security systems that are on the verge of going broke and Pension Plans that are failing left and right and will continue to fail as many are glorified Pyramid Schemes or depend only upon the endless cycle key. If people fancy to learn extra resources on lancaster chiropractors, there are millions of libraries people can pursue. Visiting get lancaster chiropractic seemingly provides suggestions you should use with your dad. Overseas Filipinos and Off-shore Property Investors trying to start saving for retirement, the Philippines having its relative low cost of real estate yet high costs of Hotel Accommodations, make the Condotel investment an exceptionally attractive investment proposition. Customers are now actually taking a look at the pre-construction investment in a Lancaster Atrium Semi Fitted Studio Suite that might be Purchased o-n 12 Year Payment Plan Options that provides for Executive Studio [Semi Fitted] Suites to-be obtained with a Reservation of only -Pph-25,000.00 for a 32.50sqm [350sqft] Studio then 48 consecutive regular payments of only -Pph-17,801.58 [No Interest for the initial 4 years]. During the first 4 years theres an Annual Lump-sum payable on the anniversary of the reservation time of -Pph-91,551.00 and then continue the 96 consecutive monthly payments of -Pph-24,075.73 to complete the balance of the price Collingz said. Collingz said Having compensated 50 percent of the purchase price with-in 4 years the Studio Condotel will soon be ready for occupancy and afterwards income positive with a projected ROI through leases of at least 500 dollars per month makes the remaining 96 monthly payments on the unit balance self liquidating said Collingz, and with pre-construction property appreciating at some 20-30 per annum perhaps not only does the Real Estate Appreciation look good but after paying for the unit, the rental income is in excess of what many Pension Plans provide for the same or similar investment of only 50 percent of the purchase price for the unit. The potential high rates of rental earnings from Condo Hotel Investments, currently from 2 months up to 16-week per annum, opens up a huge industry maybe not typically looked at by Real Estate Professionals and Brokers whom all frequently run around like headless chickens looking for typical residential report consumers without looking at the by far dilemna of investments, trading and retirement. To study additional information, please gander at: check out chiropractor in palmdale ca. We take a look at Condotels as pure investments. Perhaps not generally as Property. If you look at the Condo Hotel market as investing for potential income, and think outside of the package, its plain to note that Hotel Condominiums are not only real estate investments but moreover income generating property. Think of Condotels like a Managed Pension Plan. After-all, Condotel products are fully managed home. The master of the house doesnt have the headache of hiring out the system and cope with all the pit falls to be an amateur land lord. This can be cared for from the Condo Hotel Management said Collingz. Among my customers from Chicago, just ordered 4 Studio Condotel Suites at Lancaster The Atrium Manila which can be currently in preconstruction sales having a intend to retire in 2012. His expense for the purchase is only around 70 Dollars every day for 6 years by choosing to purchase using a 30 down payment o-n a 6 year no prequalification, no down payment, no interest payment plan. Even before completing payment for your items, hell be receiving significantly more than 2,000 a month in rental income in additional to any Government or Private Company Pension Plan. Use that to the 12-year payment plan and during the first 4 years before completion, where youd only be paying something similar to 20 Dollars a day, and after the models are already earning rental income, 4-5 Dollars a day, he would have a money positive income on 20 Dollars a day or some 600 Dollars a month. Better yet, the rental income is in-tune with buying and inflation on pre-construction terms offers real appreciation to estate of some 60-80 over 4 years stimulated Collingz. At the end of 12 years, having only put out 50-page of-the initial price of the units, the owner would have earned something like 4,800 Dollars and condo units are actually in fee simple, held free and clear, then getting over 2,000 Dollars per month. In addition to this, as Hotel Rates improve yearly, so does the rental income Collingz said.. For extra information, people may check out: high quality palmdale chiropractor.AV Chiropractic Health Center 44820 10th St West Lancaster, CA 93534 661 940-6302

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