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A heart rate monitor is an often overlooked tool for exercise so the Heart Rate Watch Company blog recently published "The Top 5 Reasons You Need A Heart Rate Monitor For Exercise".

REASON #1 - Not Knowing

Without a heart rate monitor you have no idea how hard you are working. "The human heart is the engine for the body and a heart rate monitor is like a tachometer for that engine," says Rusty Squire, President of the Heart Rate Watch Company.

REASON #2 - Accountability

"You become 100% accountable as all heart rate activity is recorded," says Squire. He adds, "I've seen total workout transformation from those who use the devices regularly."

REASON #3 - Proper Intensity

To maintain the proper zone intensity, like 70% to 80% of maximum heart rate for aerobic zone training it is impossible to stay accountable without a heart rate monitor according to Squire. "There is no way you can guess about this stuff and depending upon your goals it has a huge impact," says Squire.

REASON #4 - Proper Recovery

Knowing how well you have recovered from an interval or intense activity has everything to do with how ready you are to begin again according to Squire. "Start too early and you do more harm than good or wait too long and you don't receive the benefit," says Squire.

REASON #5 - Comparison Over Time

Using company provided software, like Polar Personal Trainer for Polar heart rate monitors, you get real feedback and a chronological calendar of your workouts. "This has a real meaningful impact and the ability to see your improvements over time," says Squire.

The Heart Rate Watch Company is a national fitness electronics retailer that provides custom tailored advice to those wishing to improve their exercise programs.

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