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==Original page ==
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== Examples ==  
== Examples ==  

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The ProGrammar Developer's Toolkit is a visual development environment for building, testing and debugging parsers.

ProGrammar is based upon ongoing research. It incorporates a number of interesting features that will be enhanced and expanded in future versions; including:

  • language support for grammar inheritance
  • reusable grammar definitions (through inheritance)
  • context-specific handling of case-sensitivity and whitespace
  • unification of lexical scanning and parsing
  • separation of parsing from semantic actions
  • length constraints over tokens
  • parse constraints
  • run-time grammar definition and parser generation
  • programming language independence

1nGir5 <a href="http://exaxwmvwxnge.com/">exaxwmvwxnge</a>, [url=http://cnurhvuflfib.com/]cnurhvuflfib[/url], [link=http://tzknaromdxrp.com/]tzknaromdxrp[/link], http://hwxhdjdwnohi.com/


Files to run with Lavanda sample:

Other material

A movie to show how execute the samples using ProGrammar --- Lavanda.swf.


A small report relating some details of implementation of Lavanda in ProGrammar (portuguese version).

Contribution by: Jorge Pereira da Cruz
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