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Keeping your website looking up to date not only pleases your visitors but also give you points with Google for positioning the website in searches. Google likes fresh content.

We see a lot of organization websites promoting events that took place last month or last year. This may be because no one in the organization has the skill to update a website and it doesn't make the organization look good.

It must be frustrating for a business to be unable to show their latest products on their website.

Content Management Systems

There are thousands of content management systems, but more than half of websites using CMS use the free WordPress. By December 2011 there had been 65 million downloads of version 3.

WordPress has thousands of themes and templates each with many layout options. There are also some 20,000 plugins for all types of facilities such as ecommerce, photo galleries, membership records, interactive forms, SEO, etc. all integrating with WordPress.

How easy is WordPress?

It started life as blogging software where anyone who could use a keyboard could publish daily thoughts in a blog. This naturally appealed to everyone without computer skills. It then developed to provide both blogs and static web pages.

It's easy to change themes without losing any information already entered into the website.

Using WordPress is like using a word processing program.

How to set up a new website with WordPress

Delegate your domain name to a hosting server. Inside the hosting control panel (e.g. cpanel) go to software services, self-install scripts (sometimes called Fantastico, Softaculous, etc.). Among Blogs, select WordPress and follow the prompts to install. Keep a note of your login and password.

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